Cincinnati, Ohio

Cincinnati, Ohio
Cincinnati, Ohio Dec. 2013 - July 2015

Monday, September 29, 2014

We found a frog......kissed it! NO PRINCE:(

Excited for General Conference!

Dear Family, Hi! Things here are alright... Not the best week but it is ok. I am working though it. I miss home but that is ok because I know everyone gets homesick at some point. The work is actually slow here. We have investigators that are really hard to teach because they wont change their ways and it is making me so sad. It makes me so upset when people don't accept it and I know how much it will bless their life. It just makes me so sad! Anyway, we went bowling last Monday on p-day and that was fun. We had 5 different teams and I won in my team. It was great being around other missionaries. I do have some pictures for you. We hit Leadership mark last week which was good. This week has been just hard because we have been trying so hard to find new investigators but no one wants to learn. We walked around a lot. We have had dinners at members homes this week and they are all so nice.  The Womans Broadcast was great! It showed me really how important temple work is.  Also, Erin Pike Tall(my high school choir teacher) conducted the music. I have realized I have taken for granted the temple and that when I get home, I am going to go as much as I can. Going every 6 months is actually hard. I am excited to go on the 15th.Speaking of that, my p day may be different that week. Not sure though. I do love this ward. They are great.
I don't want you to think I am really struggling, I am okay, there are always rough days here and there but I get over them. Things will work out. I hope you are doing well. Watch conference this week! I am so excited for it and we can discuss it:) Have a great week! I love you! Sister King

Email from the week of Sept 22nd

Dear Family, This week has been really good. Busy but that is not a bad thing. I do have a cold this week so that is not fun but I am getting over it.
Monday, was just a normal day. Nothing new. Tuesday we went and helped at Hannah's Treasure Chest again. That was fun. I always love going there.  Wednesday was interesting... We went and helped a member clean out her goat stalls and helped her clip their hooves. That was actually really fun. I love "farm work" We were supposed to have a lesson with this investigator named L but he ended up having to cancel. Anyway, we had a lesson with our investigator D and then we got to see the N's. They have been really busy lately but we got to see them. Thursday and Friday were just finding days. We have had a really hard time finding new investigators because this area really is hard but we are still working. It is also hard to walk around at night because it is getting dark and cold and no one is outside. I love the cold but Sister Carnahan freezes hard core. Saturday we fasted and we saw so many miracles. We met new people and had powerful lessons. It was great. Sunday church was great as usual. We had 2 people come to church. One of those included J. I love her so much!!!! She keeps me sane. Lol. I know one day she will not have the desire to drink coffee anymore and she will be baptized. She said that there was something about me that clicked so she comes to church. She didn't go to church for a year until now. I am so grateful to be serving! I love it here. I miss you all, I will write more in my letter to you. Love, Sister King

Monday, September 15, 2014

So many pictures this week!

Dear Family, I don't even know where to begin... This week was full of miracles and was really great! Monday, we went to the Red's game but before the game the member that drove us down took us to a museum and that was so much fun( you will be getting pictures of all this). It was so much fun seeing everyone from the entire mission! I loved seeing old companions and just really having a fun time! In the stadium we all danced and really had a blast! We didn't get home until about 12:30 and we were exhausted but it was worth it. Tuesday was a harder day. Our plans didn't work out and people weren't very nice but you have to have one of those days... or a few of those days a week. Wednesday nothing really happened. Thursday was a super busy busy day! We did some service in the morning(helped paint again and helped make paper teddy bears for a lady in our ward). Then we had weekly planning. Later that day we had some powerful lessons with our investigators and that is always good. One of our investigators we were actually kinda scared to go to the lesson because we thought he would like to "Bible Bash" but the lesson actually turned our really well. We are not sure if he is going to progress but it doesn't hurt to bring the spirit to him:) Going to see him though we got to testify to him and that really helped me to realized that I know this church is 100% true! I don't know how others cant see that. It makes me so sad when people wont accept it. Friday was a miraculous day! So many people talked with us and opened their door. Unfortunately they weren't interested but it is a seed we planted. We did meet these people who think we are a blessing and we have a return appointment with them on Wednesday. That is be interesting. The guy is Pentecostal but we will see what happens. After that lesson Sister Carnahan and I were high on the spirit and it was a great night! We had an adventure:) Saturday....
Saturday was the social media split ( that is why you got pictures) and it was also the feed Ohio. So that worked out perfectly. We helped with that all morning. At 3 we went over to The Arner's(ward mission leader) house and what an amazing family they are! we made a cake with them and read the book of Mormon with their whole family. It was so great! They are a good example of a family I want when I get married and have kids. That night we had a lesson with two different investigators. Those lessons went really well. We are trying to help them understand the importance of not drinking coffee but they are having a hard time. We are going to find someone who is ready for this gospel this transfer:) If you go on facebook and search either #socialmediasplit or #feedohio or #Mormon you could find more pictures of me. Sunday was great as usual. We had meetings all morning and then church. One of our investigators came to the whole thing and another came to Sunday School. It was a good day. We also hung out with some less actives. All in all, it was a great week! I am going to send you tons of pictures now! I love you all! Love, Sister King

Sept 8th Email

Dear Family, How are you???  Today is a pretty much P-day all day. I am so excited! sounds like you have had a busy week. Things here are going better. The game starts at 7 tonight and so we are all meeting at 5:30 to get a mission picture. We are going down with other sisters at 2 and going to museums and stuff in Cincinnati.Cant wait! I did get the package! Thanks so much. I am trying to figure out the GPS. It is different and I am not sure yet if my charger works but I will figure it out. 
This week.... Monday last week we chalked again. I probably already told you that because of the holiday. Tuesday was our P-day and we didn't do anything too exciting. I got new shoes which is good. This week has just pretty much been busy with lessons. Nothing too exciting happened. It always seems that one week I have sooo much to tell you and the next week... nothing too big really happens. Thursday we were super busy one lesson after the other and that is always a good thing.  Our investigator still wants to get baptized but she is having a hard time giving up coffee. We are going to try so hard to get her off. We are also meeting this very interesting guy  and because I was companions with Sister Smith... I know a lot about him. He is just different. I will tell you more about him in my letter. Friday we were on exchanges!!! I got to be with sister Summers! She really is like my best friend in the mission field. We are going to be roommates. I love her so much. We had a great day. We were in her area so that is always fun. I learn so much from her. She says I have leadership qualities and that I am going to be a Sister Training Leader sometime..... NOOOOO hahaha We talked about all the blessings we have seen since we have been out and I realized how much things would be different if I didn't serve a mission. Sunday was a good day. During fast and testimony meeting, The Njie's all got up and bore their testimonies! Very powerful. After church we had a Linger Longer and that was fun. Then we went over to our ward mission leaders house and pretty much spent a lot of time there. They had dessert for us and we really just talked it was nice. So that is how my week went. Next Tuesday is transfers. I will let you know if that will be me. I love you so much! Thanks for the letters!

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Incredible week!

My week was incredible and full of miracles! Last Monday was good. I got to spend it with Sister Summers. Tuesday Sister Carnahan and I  had a lesson with an investigator today and she told us she wants to get baptized. We told her that she has to have all the lessons and then she can be baptized. Unfortunately she didn't know about the word of wisdom yet so we were scared to teach her that. Wednesday was a day that I really have no idea what happened. Our plans just didn't work out and we had no idea where we were supposed to be. Luckily we got through it. Thursday we had weekly planning and we also did some service at Hannah's Treasure Chest ( speaking of Hannah's if you add them on facebook you will see a picture of me on their website). Then we went and saw one of our investigators who just seems to like us because we help her. She doesn't want to progress too much but she did come to church. We have been really blessed to have dinner with a member almost every day this week. It was really nice. Friday.... I don't even know where to start. Sister Carnahan and I had a rough day.... Anyway, we ended up resolving our concerns and figured things out and it has been better. Everything will work out. Saturday.... The best day ever but Satan really tried hard!
Saturday... So we went to the church early to get ready for the baptism. We wanted to meet the Njies there at 9 so they could all get ready and everything. Well, at 9:15 Sister Njie texts us and tells us her car isn't working. That is when we started freaking out. Opposition in all things! For real! We then got another text from Sister Njie telling us to help her! She didn't know what she was going to do. Luckily, someone was cleaning the church and we asked her if she would be so kind as to go with us and pick up the boys. It was only because of God's grace! She was so nice and went with us to pick up the boys. We all piled in her van. (8 of us but they are big boys) it was eventful. But everything worked out. The baptism was soooo powerful!!!!! Everyone came up to us after and said how great it was. It was amazing!!! Sister Njie and her family were crying the whole time and they thanked us so much. Sister Njie's friend ended up having to pick her up for the baptism. It was soooo incredible! I don't even know how to explain it. Only through God was it all possible. After the baptism we went and helped the young woman leader clean out her goat stall. We are going to be helping her more this week too. Then, Miracle number.... 100 we had a lesson with our other investigator and taught her the Word of Wisdom and she accepted it and now is working on not drinking coffee. She still wants to get baptized. This week was a trial of my faith but everything worked out! Also later Saturday night I got a text from an investigator that Sister Savage and I found and her name is DeAnn and she told me that she got baptized!!! I was the one that found her and helped her come back to the missionaries. Really again... God's grace!!!! Sunday the boys got confirmed and it was again powerful.  What a great week.