Cincinnati, Ohio

Cincinnati, Ohio
Cincinnati, Ohio Dec. 2013 - July 2015

Monday, March 23, 2015


So this week.... So many miracles! It was really incredible to see God right there next to me all week. He really is aware of all of us individually and He knows what we need! This week and last things have been weighing on my mind and I have really let Satan get to me but God is really the one that is in control. We have been working with a lot of recent converts this week. It has been a lot of fun. Tuesday was really cool! We got to go to Centerville because I went to the chiropractor and then I went and say J and J!!!! IT was so much fun! They were both super excited to see me. J just started crying and she says she misses me so much. She will be baptized some day. So anyway, that night we had a really good lesson with our investigator D who seems like a really rough guy but he opened up to us and just started crying.  Tuesday night the elders called us and I didn't really feel like talking but their investigator L asked me if I would give a talk on Baptims at her baptism on Friday. I was surprised she asked me but I was happy to do it.   Wednesday and Thursday were great days. We worked hard and did the very best we could. We had District meeting which was incredible and Zone weekly planning on Thursday which was fun. We pretty much "hung out" with the Elders. Ha I love being a STL! Friday we were on exchanges and again... I got to go to my old area! I was in Highland Heights all day! I got to see a bunch of people I worked with and it really was so good to see them! Friday night we had the baptism for L! When I got there, I looked at the program and it said that I was giving a talk on the Holy Ghost... I had been preparing for 3 days a talk on baptism and then I had to switch my talk. Ha God wanted me to work with the spirit and honestly... it worked out really well. I was very nervous surprisingly but everyone said I did a great job. It only had to be 5 minutes so I don't know why I freaked out so much. After the baptism, Bishop N came up to me and said that he wanted to talk to Sister Watts and I. So, we went into a room in the church, we sat down, Bishop was just standing there and he said... (pointing at me) "This doesn't happen very often and it is very rare that I do this but I felt prompted that you, Sister King, need a blessing and I would love to offer one if that is ok?" WHAT THE HECK!!!!!! God was working through him! I am not one to ask for blessings and there in front of my our bishop wanted to give me a blessing! It really was one of the most amazing blessings I have ever received! It was all about my worth and that God knows me and knows where I am at and what I need to do! It was so perfect! I was in tears and really I knew God was giving me that blessing because Bishop didn't know me that well. It was so remarkable! It has changed my whole attitude and I am just so happy! I don't think I have ever been happier! The Elders saw that I was crying and asked what was up and I told them and they are so supportive! I love them so much! Sister Watts also got a blessing but it was so cool! I don't even know how to explain it! I felt God putting his arms around me, telling me he loves me and that I am going to finish my mission strong! It has been really wonderful because others see how happy I am and they act different around me and I don't feel like I am alone!
Saturday was another great day! HH sisters had a baptism in the morning so we got to go to that and the Shuley's were there! So much fun! We also went over to our ward mission leaders house with the elders and did service which was awesome. I will have to send those pictures next week. Sunday was church and I love taking the sacrament and applying the Atonement of Jesus Christ in my life! God is really aware! Things are starting to progress and I just don't ever want to leave! I love being a missionary!


There is not a lot to say this week.  We are kinda at a stand still. We hit leadership again which is incredible and we have had a ton of lessons but we are really just trying to work hard. Being a missionary really is the most incredible thing ever! I really have been doing well. I have my up's and down's but things are going well.  Just pray that I can overcome the things in my mind right now. Hahah  Satan is really good at getting in my mind. Sister Watts mom is super cute!

We had exchanges on Tuesday and they was great! We actually had a really great day! Things worked out so much and it was just fun! We had an incredible Zone Meeting on Wednesday and I learned so much. Being an STL we usually help with everything and that is always fun. Saturday we did service all day and Sunday was a great day at church. We went over to Ma and Pa's last night for dinner and that is always a treat!

Learning a lot about the Doctrine of Christ- President Porter created a lesson to be taught to every member home. How through Faith (action), repentance (change), baptism (renewal, rebirth) and receiving the gift of the holy ghost (sanctification) we can gain the character of Christ. It is really moving the work-- President Greenhalgh our Stake President gave us 4 commitment for each member to make to increase their faith. There are so MANY MIRACLES coming from it! It is pumping me up! I want to do them myself.

1. Will you make a new non-member friend and do something with them?
2. Will you perform a Christ-like act of service for someone you don't know?
3. Will you minister to someone in the ward in their home?
4. Will you read or re-read The Power of Everyday missionaries by Craig. C Christensen?


So... this week has actually been great! We have seen so many miracles! Starting with Monday...
It was actually really sad! Elder Keleher and Elder Carson left:( Elder Keleher made us a family video and it is so cute! I wish there was a way I could send it to you. We had Frozen Yogurt as a good-bye party. We miss them a ton! We are really going to be friends forever! We did have a lesson with J that went well. He used to own his own restaurant so he decided to make us dinner:) He made ribs and unfortunately it made me sick... I am not a huge fan of ribs but it was a nice thought haha.
Tuesday was great! We went and saw E who is a super rock star! Then we found out that P(our incredible recent convert) was in the hospital because of pain and we ended up going and spending time with her. She is such a trooper!
Wednesday was a full day of lessons! It snowed really bad all day but we got by! J was going to have his interview but he ended up not being able to because of the snow. It is funny how everyone out here is not used to that much snow so everyone freaks out a little! It is pretty funny!
Thursday we did have J's interview! He is super golden! He was handed to us on a gold platter! It was a miracle! He passed and it was great! He wants to be sealed to his girlfriend J. SOooooo Happy! They make Sister Watts and I excited to date lol.  G, the 19 year old that we have been meeting with we are now sending him to the YSA ward.  We are working with some less actives and they are always fun. We are back seeing A again and really it is like a roller coaster ride! Up and down all the time! It makes me sad because I love her so much! We had dinner at the King's this week and I am so grateful for that!
Friday... My favorite day!!!!! We had leadership council! I received so much revelation and learned so much! President Porter taught us a new way to teach people about the importance of church and I am so excited to teach it! I wish I could send you everything we are taught! I love Leadership Councils though! We are also teaching a new lesson to all the members about the Doctrine of Christ and it was so remarkable! I just cant wait to teach you all!
Saturday was actually a really rough day for me. The beginning was great! The baptism went so smooth and people came up to us after and said how well we work and teach together and that was great but Saturday night I really felt along and broke down! It was really hard but I got over it. I was being selfish! I wasn't seeing success and it was just really rough! Things are better now. OPPOSITION IN ALL THINGS!
Sunday was a day of miracles! We had meetings all morning, we didn't think anyone was coming to church(we pretty much had to drop all of our investors so we are starting new again) but A brought her husband J and J's non member parents came1 IT was great! We then went and worked our new area and knocked on doors but it was actually fun!


Really exciting! We have so many recent converts that we are working with! It is so much fun! I love missionary work so much! On Monday we went to a wedding and it was fun. We really have just had a solid week of teaching our investigators. J is so incredible! He read the BofM in 54 days, has no WOW or LOC problem. Everything just looks great for this weekend! Saturday is going to be a busy day! Baptism in the morning, L is having her baby shower, Bishop's son just got home from his mission and it is his open house and he wants us to come! It is going to be fun though! We also have leadership council on Friday and I am so excited about that! We are working with our member E who is going to be 99 soon and in her patriarchal blessing it talks about her story is going to help her posterity join the church so we go over a few times a week and record her story! That is pretty fun! We did go on exchanges and that was interesting... Our  sisters are having a hard time together but they are going to learn a lot. Nothing else too exciting...I am just so happy to be staying here!


So this is my week....I didn't feel it was my best week:(
Looking back it actually wasn't as bad as I thought and things did work out the way God wanted them to.
Monday was the best P-day ever!!!! We had a district fun day and first we all went to Sklyline (which is the thing here) to eat. It is like chili on spaghetti with cheese on top, not too bad. Then  we all went to a park and had a huge snowball fight! We also played ultimate Frisbee in the snow. The roads were so bad but it was so fantastic! So much fun! Monday night we did something we have never done before. We went to our ward mission leaders house with the elders and we had a "date night" for them. We took there kids in another room and had them color and play and then the elders made menu's and we made them breakfast and had good night with them. That was so amazing! They are so busy that they didn't get to go on dates very often and we wanted to do something nice for them. It was so much fun!
Tuesday-Friday we were really working out with our Recent Converts and trying to find new investigators to teach. We worked a lot with  members this week. Our investigator G is working towards a date for March to be baptized  so we will keep praying for him and teaching him. He does come to church with us. We are also teaching this guy named D and he is so solid! He is a 61 year old retired surgeon and he told us he is so lost and he wants answers! We have those for him. The King's came to a lesson with us and it was so powerful! We are working with him for March as well. And last but not least, our miracle investigator! We actually met him at church! His name is J and he has been going to church with his girlfriend for awhile and she is a member but he decided to go to the church that was in his area and that is ours! He has already been going to church for 2 months and has read the entire Book of Mormon already. He is going to be baptized on March 7th! So incredible! God really put him in our path.
Friday we went on exchanges and that was a rough day! I didn't want to do it without Sister Watts and it scared me for transfers. I was in our area and things kept falling through and I was supposed to be the example but I was struggling but I am glad that is over. I know God works in his own way and own time.
Saturday was the Social Media Split! We tore up tile for 2.5 hours, made cookies and actually talked to a member who was struggling and helped her out which was so of God. We went to dinner and got pictures with a family there, and we had a good time with L, A, and T. Sunday they got their temple recommends and so we can all go to the temple soon:) Yay!!!! Last week of the transfers and it is going to be great!
Sunday was good! Very spiritual and we taught RS which was nerve racking but fun!


So my week... 
    Monday Sister Watts and I really had a relaxing day. We went and got our nails done and that was so much fun. Then Monday night, we had FHE with L's family and we watched the Joseph Smith movie. We are trying to get Ls Mamaw and Papaw involved in the gospel... It may take a little time but we will get it. When the Lord is ready. They really are an incredible family and the Lord really is going to work with them. 
    Tuesday we were on exchanges and I got to go to Highland Heights with Sister Campbell. It was great. I got to see D and some of their investigators. I love HH and all but I know it is not my area now. My area is Northern Kentucky and I love it so much! This is were I would want to come back and visit. The work really is progressing so much here! A had her interview and they say she is so ready.
     Wednesday we had District meeting and it was great. Elder Carson is our district leader and seriously this is the best district I have been on on my mission. The elders are so supportive of us and they really love us. They are really family. They did something for us Saturday night and left us a card and some Promise Land Milk and really it was so sweet. They are always doing everything they can to help us. I have never seen better elders. Wednesday after district meeting we went and saw G  and now he is on date for the 21st of March. It was really great! We also saw L and talked with her for at little. We are also teaching this lady named L and her two girls. They are so happy. T also had her interview and it was great.
      Thursday we had weekly planning and then we had lunch with a new investigator who really is super solid! He wants answers and we have them! We can't wait to teach him. He is a miracle. God really is putting people in our path.
        Friday was so powerful!!!! We had the baptism at 7 but we met them at 6. They really were ready. They shared their testimonies and it was so powerful. While T was being baptized, A had bad thoughts in her mind about running away and not doing it but she fought against Satan and it worked!!! She is a new person. The support we had at the baptism was so amazing! 
     Saturday we had service with L and painted her house, and then we had dinner with a member and the elders were there and it was fun. 
       Sunday we had a non member come to church and now we are going to teach him. He was being taught in another ward and now we get to teach him. Really people are just walking in our path.. IT is so exciting!!!
     Today we are having a district fun day and we may just do a snow ball fight and stuff. We are going to be getting 12-14 inches of snow!!! Yay!!!!! So I may not be able to write you a letter but know how much I love you!!!!