Cincinnati, Ohio

Cincinnati, Ohio
Cincinnati, Ohio Dec. 2013 - July 2015

Monday, March 23, 2015


So this is my week....I didn't feel it was my best week:(
Looking back it actually wasn't as bad as I thought and things did work out the way God wanted them to.
Monday was the best P-day ever!!!! We had a district fun day and first we all went to Sklyline (which is the thing here) to eat. It is like chili on spaghetti with cheese on top, not too bad. Then  we all went to a park and had a huge snowball fight! We also played ultimate Frisbee in the snow. The roads were so bad but it was so fantastic! So much fun! Monday night we did something we have never done before. We went to our ward mission leaders house with the elders and we had a "date night" for them. We took there kids in another room and had them color and play and then the elders made menu's and we made them breakfast and had good night with them. That was so amazing! They are so busy that they didn't get to go on dates very often and we wanted to do something nice for them. It was so much fun!
Tuesday-Friday we were really working out with our Recent Converts and trying to find new investigators to teach. We worked a lot with  members this week. Our investigator G is working towards a date for March to be baptized  so we will keep praying for him and teaching him. He does come to church with us. We are also teaching this guy named D and he is so solid! He is a 61 year old retired surgeon and he told us he is so lost and he wants answers! We have those for him. The King's came to a lesson with us and it was so powerful! We are working with him for March as well. And last but not least, our miracle investigator! We actually met him at church! His name is J and he has been going to church with his girlfriend for awhile and she is a member but he decided to go to the church that was in his area and that is ours! He has already been going to church for 2 months and has read the entire Book of Mormon already. He is going to be baptized on March 7th! So incredible! God really put him in our path.
Friday we went on exchanges and that was a rough day! I didn't want to do it without Sister Watts and it scared me for transfers. I was in our area and things kept falling through and I was supposed to be the example but I was struggling but I am glad that is over. I know God works in his own way and own time.
Saturday was the Social Media Split! We tore up tile for 2.5 hours, made cookies and actually talked to a member who was struggling and helped her out which was so of God. We went to dinner and got pictures with a family there, and we had a good time with L, A, and T. Sunday they got their temple recommends and so we can all go to the temple soon:) Yay!!!! Last week of the transfers and it is going to be great!
Sunday was good! Very spiritual and we taught RS which was nerve racking but fun!

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