Cincinnati, Ohio

Cincinnati, Ohio
Cincinnati, Ohio Dec. 2013 - July 2015

Monday, March 23, 2015


All I can really say about this week is that the church is true and God really does know what He is doing! I don't think I have ever been so close to God in my entire life until this week:) What an amazing week I had!

Monday: We had a pretty stressful morning because of transfer calls and neither one of us wanted to get transferred.  We went to a members house for breakfast because one of our Elders was going home (Elder Lemmon). Breakfast was good! During breakfast we got the call.... We were both staying and we were soooo excited!!! Then we had a zone fun day and that really was so much fun! We went to the Purple People Bridge and walked it and all locked our names on the bridge. It was so much fun. We also went out to lunch together. After P day we went to work. We were not having much luck and then Sister Watts felt prompted to go to this former investigators house... The records said not to come back because the wife had a really bad experience with the sister missionaries and they weren't interested but I had never met them and so we prayed and went.... God was there! The wife (who didn't like missionaries) let us in and we talked for a good 45 minutes and then she invited us back for dinner and to teach her family!!! Miracle!

Tuesday and Wednesday: we had lessons out the wazoo! We went and cleaned this older lady's,  not a member, house with the elders.... Her house was pretty bad but now we are teaching her the gospel. I also was blessed so much for cleaning her house:) Like I said, we had so many lessons and we are working with A and T  now towards baptism! That whole family is progressing so much! I love teaching families:) It is the coolest thing ever! We are also working with other recent converts and helping them get to the temple. We got permission to now go once a month if we go with our recent converts for the first time and if they have family names.

Thursday I got to do something really cool. For all the missionaries that have 6 months or less left, we all got together for a Legacy meeting and discussed what Legacy we want to leave behind. It was really cool coming together and talking about how we want to be the best examples and we want the younger missionaries to look up to us. Unfortunately Sister Watts couldn't go with me so we kinda did an exchange with the Sisters that weren't going. When Sister Watts and I got back together, we did some service, we had a lesson with A and one with T! They are progressing so much and A made me a birthday present. It is a BofM bracelet. Really awesome! We are also working with a recent convert named E who is 25 and she really is like my best friend. We go over and have "movie nights" with her and watch church movies and teach her.

Friday was another busy day of lessons. We also went and say Sister T, the councilor, and she said they we are good and don't need to come back. I was really grateful for her. I have been thinking more positively about myself this week.  It is life changing!

Saturday we got to go to the Louisville temple and do sealings with Ma and Pa King and then B and F..recent converts, went and did baptisms. It was the most spiritual experience ever. I love the temple so much! The spirit is so strong there and the things I have learned. I know that families are forever and have a strong testimony about being sealed to one another now! I am so grateful that I know that and that one day, I can be sealed in the temple! I really love the temple so much! It is so pretty! I took for granted how close I was to the temple in Utah. After the temple we drove 1 hour and 15 minutes home and then went to a members for dinner. The elders were there and it was fun.

Sunday was a busy day with meeting in the morning, church, and trying to reach the goals we have set but it was an amazing day! We had 2 investigators at church and we had incredible lessons after church. We got to go over to the Lawal's for dinner and they spirit is always so strong at their home.

That was my week! I may have left our some details but I know God was in every single one of them! This work is amazing and I love being a missionary! I wouldn't change is for anything! The things I have learned here will help me better my eternity! I love you all so much! Hope to hear from you soon!

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