Cincinnati, Ohio

Cincinnati, Ohio
Cincinnati, Ohio Dec. 2013 - July 2015

Monday, July 21, 2014

Sister Savage & Sister King

Member has an elevator in their home:)


Just can't wait to serve my King!

Dear Family, I got your letters this week:) Thanks so much! I absolutely loved the pictures and yes... they went on my wall. This week has been very interesting. Monday we didn't do too much. We aren't really allowed to hang out with the Elders anymore because some stupid missionaries unless it is a Zone fun day and those only happen once a transfer so that is pretty sad. I really do like hanging out with the Elders. They are so wonderful! They always make sure we are doing ok. Tuesday was a pretty spectacular day. We had President's interviews and they pretty much just told me how great I am doing and and how much progress I am making. It made me feel really good. We also had to do a role play in front of or Zone Leaders and Sister Training Leaders and that always scares me but we had such a powerful lesson and OMGosh it was so great! They were very pleased with it. I was very pleased with it. Sister Savage is an incredible missionary. I am staying strong and loving this area still. Wednesday we had District meeting which went well. I am getting more comfortable with other missionaries. We got to see a family we are teaching and we got to teach them about temples. They are so awesome. I have some pictures to send you. I have really learned how grateful I am to have been raised knowing there is a God. We were teaching someone and I realized how much I care about the people I am teaching and it kills me when I know this will bless their lives but they won't accept it! It kills me! Thursday was a great day. We helped a member move and unfortunately I pushed myself way too hard and was in pain the next day but it is all good. The Elders were there helping and they really are so awesome.  Anyway, we also had a lesson with another investigator. She is progressing just at her own pace. She is so cute. We like "heart attacking" people (leaving sticky notes on their door) and we came home Sunday and our investigator had done it to us. She is awesome. Saturday we did more service. We helped a family paint their house. I am going to send you a letter today telling you more about that. It was fun! 
By the way.... We made up a song....
Tune of... "I'm Gonna Be a Mighty King"
I'm gonna serve a might King so Satan better beware.... I've never met a missionary that could ever give me a scare. I'm gonna teach and preach the word like it's never been taught before. He keeps me up when I am down after knocking on every DOOR! It's far and rather a pitiful thing. Oh I just can't wait to serve my King! Everybody look left. Everybody look right. Everywhere you look there is someone I can bless. NO WAY. Yes, I'm gonna work all day. Gonna serve the Lord His way:)
It really has been a great, successful week. I love you all so much! Austin, I am so proud of you! Good luck on your farewell talk, I know you will be amazing! Stay Strong! Love, Sister King

Monday, July 14, 2014

This is my bedroom wall:) Love getting pictures from home!

Time is going by so fast!

Dear Family, This week has been full of miracles and honestly it flew by sooo fast! We had a zone day fun day on Monday and that was a lot of fun! We had a nerf war and that was awesome. The Elders that are in my area are so wonderful.  We are starting week four of this transfer... CRAZY!!!! This transfer is going by so fast. Anyway, Tuesday was a pretty normal day. Knocking on doors and no one being home. We did help some members pack and it was cool getting to know her. Her sons do music like Pitch Perfect and they are in competitions and stuff like that. It is pretty cool. Wednesday we had District meeting and we did some more service. We helped a 92 year old woman pull weeds and did I get eaten alive by bugs. I had over 20 bug bites. Pretty wicked hahah. We met a new investigator and she seems pretty interested. We are excited to teach her. Thursday was a long day just because we were in meetings and weekly planning which always takes such a long time. Friday I was on exchanges with Sister Summers and can I say AWESOME!!! We had such a great time and we got so much work done. It really shows me what I need to work on when I get back to my area. Sister Savage and I are doing well.  While I was on exchanges though we went to dinner at a members house and it was so cool. They owned a ranch and I loved seeing all the horses and everything. We also had  baked Ziti for dinner so that is always awesome! Saturday was by far the best day this week. We saw God's Grace all over the place. We had a chapel tour with an investigator and we took her down in the baptismal font and I extended baptism to her and she will get baptized just not yet. She is still a little nervous. She calls me Sister Sweet Cheeks. She is great. Then we went to go see this guy and he wasn't home but his sister was and surprisingly enough... She has had the missionary discussions before and was going to get baptized but she ended up having to move so she never got baptized but we got back in  contact with her. The sad thing about that is that she is moving back to Columbus but she now can contact the missionaries again. It is so crazy to realize that God really does know our path and know where we are going to be and who we need to contact. Sunday went pretty well. Church is always great. I feel so welcomed and loved there. The other family we are working with is doing so wonderful. They are working towards August 30 still. Fingers Crossed. I love you all! Love Sister King
4th of July

Memories of my car:)

4th of July week!

Dear Family, I have soo much to tell you! This week has been great! Monday after I finished with my emailing, we played ultimate Frisbee at the park and then went to the church and played basketball and of course... I show my skills. It was so much fun! 
Tuesday was a great day. We had a really huge thunder storm at night but during the day we had a member come out with us and had a quick street lesson with someone. We also met this older man who is really interested and we are now working with him. He has so many questions which is good because we have the answers. Also the member that came out with us had my yellow car so it was cool and brought back memories riding in it. We met with Sister Porter this week and she said the ward needs me and that is why I am here. It made me feel good. I also had dinner with a member and guess what.... They have a daughter named Hailey and a son who is on a mission named Austin. Crazy! Wednesday we did some service with a family with 8 kids. We just did the dishes but it helped them a lot. Thursday was another day of service. We helped someone clean their house because they were moving. Friday was crazy awesome!!!! We had a parade in our area so we went to the beginning of that and then all the missionaries in my zone 22 of us went and chalked the Plan of Salvation all over the ground at the Activity center after the parade so we could talk to people. I will send pictures. It wasn't that best outcome but it was super fun. We also got to watch fireworks from our apartment. The cool thing is, serving in the area over the 4th with so many service men is incredible. I had a different view of thing. I realized that I am actually serving our country spiritually and that was really cool. I will write you a letter about the people we are teaching. Thank you for all of your support! I love you! Sister King