Cincinnati, Ohio

Cincinnati, Ohio
Cincinnati, Ohio Dec. 2013 - July 2015

Thursday, August 21, 2014

New companion..Sister Carnahan

August 18, 2014

Dear Family, This week has actually been pretty awesome! We have seen so many miracles and we have had so many powerful lessons. We had 10 member presents this week which is the most I have ever had. The family we have been teaching are getting baptized!!!! August 30 at 10:00am. We are so excited! Training has really actually been challenging for me but I am staying strong.  Monday we had a zone activity and that was fun. Sister Carnahan isn't into sports at all, but I played basketball. Anyway, we had a return missionary come home and she came out with us a lot this week which was great! One investigator  is working towards baptism. Wednesday Satan really got to me and I didn't feel like I was doing everything I could do but I am learning that I am trying my best and that is all He asks. Thursday was an interesting day... lets just say I didn't have the phone or our house keys for like 3 hours so we had to walk around a ton and then when we finally got our stuff back, we had a fun dinner with a member and the little kids really like me. I just love kids. We had to walk for that 3 hours while fasting and it was really hard but we had a miracle happen at the end of the night when we met someone who really wanted to learn. God works in mysterious ways. We did some service this week which is always fun. We get to paint a chicken coop tomorrow. We are actually on exchanges tomorrow and I am staying in my area while Sister Carnahan goes to the Sister Training Leaders area. It will be a nice change for a little.  We have Zone Conference this week which is always great. Sunday's are always great because the ward is wonderful. I love going to church. I didn't get a letter from you this week but it is probably sitting in my mailbox now.
That is my goal is to make you smile:) I wish I could see your smiling face but I know I will before you know it! Time really does go so fast. How is Austin doing?  The first little while is going to be hard for Austin but he is strong and he will get through it. He emailed me and I emailed him back but the Lord knows what he is going through and is there every step of the way. Sometimes I feel like I am not doing so awesome but then I realize what I am really doing:) It is hard work. Definitely not easy but nothing in life that is worth it is easy. I cant believe Ethan will be 12!!! He is going to have the priesthood. So sad I am missing it but I am proud of him. How is he? Who does he have as a teacher this year? . The weather has been soooo nice here though! Unbelievable. Everyone is saying it is usually so much hotter but I am loving it. Not to humid either.  I have to get going...I love you all! Love Sister King

Training....week of Aug 11, 2014

Dear Family, This week has been really great. Being a trainer is very scary but it is so much fun. We really get along.  We have had a interesting week because no one has been answering the doors but that is ok. We are doing the best we can .Ok, here is my week... Well Monday was great. I did a little surprise thing for Sister Savage as a going away thing and we hung out at the church and had a fun day. Tuesday was transfers. I had to go early to a training meeting and guess who was there... Sister Sofele. She is also training. We talked a little and that was nice. Her last companion was my companion from the MTC. Small world! Transfers was really nerve racking. I saw all the new missionaries and wanted to know who I was going to get. There was only like 6 new sisters. Out of the entire mission... I am training... Hahaha  My new companion is Sister Carnahan. She is from Phoenix Arizona.  I have a feeling we are going to really get along. It is a little bit overwhelming to be a trainer but I am not perfect and I am trying the best I can.  Wednesday we had zone meeting and it went really well. I actually learned a lot. We had a lesson with an investigator  who has been learning for 5 years and didn't know the Plan of Salvation. So we taught it to her. I seriously love the members of the ward here. They are all so willing to come out with us it is just hard because we don't have too many people to teach. Another investigator is out of town so we didn't get to see her:( She come back today though. I have had thought that I am not good enough to be a trainer but I know the Lord did it for a reason. We had a scare about a family ready to be baptized this week and I had to call President but everything is ok. They are... as of right now getting baptized Aug. 30. At transfer meeting I also saw members from my last ward and that was fun. My investigator from  Highland Heights got baptized! So exciting:)  Sunday was a great day! Church is always an uplift. I had the spirit so strong and it felt great. Sister Carnahan said I am a good trainer so that is good. This week we have had opposition but I know it is because a miracle is about to happen. I have learned so much about how the Lord knows our every move and I am so grateful for it. He really knows each and every one of us! I love you all! Sister King

August 4, 2014 letter

Dear Family,  I just found out that I am staying in Centerville!!!! Yay!!! And I am training.... Yikes!!!! This week has been really interesting. My testimony of the Savior has definitely grown sooo much! I know that he has a plan for me and he knows me individually and knows where I need to be. This week has been weird because everything has fallen through but then an opportunity to serve happened and we know that is why our plans were falling through. Sister Savage is leaving me tomorrow and I am sad about that. I am so grateful to be a missionary at this time to help hasten the work of salvation. 
It is kinda scary. President called me and it was very intimidating but I am excited. I know that we are going to have baptisms here soon and I am way stoked! I didn't get a letter from you at all last week. Sister Savage got one but I didn't lol. 
Ok, I will tell you about my week. Nothing really happened. Hahaha Monday was a pretty fun day. We just hung out at the church with the Elders. We helped multiple people with service whether is was painting or cleaning a door to paint. I did go on exchanges Tuesday. Church was good yesterday. This week really has just been a sad week for Sister Savage. Saying goodbye to everyone and things like that. We did have a lesson with an investigator and he is progressing. We just need to get people to come to church. I love you all! Sister King

July 28th Letter

Dear Family, It was so good to read your email and your letters! Dad is too cute! This week has been wonderful. I have been really homesick though because I know what is going on at home with Austin getting ready to leave. I love hearing what goes on at home. I know I am where I am supposed to be. I am so grateful to be doing the work of the Lord. So this week... where do I even start? Well... I guess from the beginning. Monday was a pretty normal P-day. We did puzzles. It is a huge stress reliever. Anyway, Tuesday we helped out at the place called Hannah's Treasure Chest again. We help fold baby clothes and clean toys and stuff. We also had a powerful lesson with an investigator and she is planning on coming to church. Yay!!! That is a huge step for her because she is very OCD and has anxiety really bad. Tuesday night we went and saw this less active and I was able to get her to open up why she doesn't come to church. Sister Savage said it was the most that she has ever opened up. It made me feel really good. Wednesday we did some more service by helping a new family move into the ward. That was so much fun! Don't worry, I didn't hurt my back. LOL. We also had dinner with a member who is also our chiropractor. She has a huge home and we ate out by the pool. That is the only hard thing in this area... It is VERY wealthy. I also got a package from Kayla which was really nice. Please tell her thanks for me. I don't know if I will have too much time to send her a letter. We are hanging out with my district/ elders today. I will send pictures of them all next week. We are going to have a lot of fun today. Sister Savage is going home in a week! Crazy! That means I am getting another companion. I hope I stay here though. Thursday was our member service day. That is how I know God has a plan for each one of us! All of our plans fell through because our members needed us. We were called all night to help people. I love service so much! We also got to have dinner at Olive Garden! It was so nice. Friday wasn't too interesting. We had a lesson with another family and we are helping them paint tomorrow. Saturday was a good day. Sister Savage was really sick in the morning due to stress which isn't always good but she recovered and we got out to work. We went over to the family's home and helped them paint and got to know the mom a lot better. We had dinner at their house and it was the funnest dinner I have ever had. We laughed so much. Sunday was by far my favorite day! We had church at 1 and it was incredible. Two families came and it was a missionaries homecoming so it was really nice. After church we had a dinner appointment and had homemade pizza. Way good. Then we went and saw the one family again. We had a lesson with them at the church and it was the most powerful lesson I have had on my mission. The spirit was so strong. I am going to write you a letter more about that lesson but it was so incredible! We also have another investigator who is actually wanting to learn too. The work her is progressing and it is so much fun. Transfers are next Tuesday. Not sure what is going to happen but we will see. Tell Austin I am so proud of him!!!!!! I Love you all. Sister King