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Cincinnati, Ohio
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Monday, November 3, 2014

Happy I am still in Centerville

Dear Family, All I can say it that the Lord has an amazing plan! This week really has been full of miracles. Not gonna lie, Monday I was praying I would be transferred but the Lord had another plan and I am so glad He did. I am so glad I am still here in Centerville! This has been my longest companionship so far. Which scares me because I don't want to leave 2 weeks before Christmas but that is awhile away. We have made a goal that we are going to have 6 baptisms this transfer and they only way to do that is through the grace of God.  Anyway, Monday we had a Zone day fun day and that in of itself is an adventure. My GPS died and we didn't know where to go so it was funny trying to get directions from someone on the phone who had a GPS lol. Gotta love technology. When we finally got to the park we had a lot of fun. Me, loving sports, hung out with the Elders and one other sister and we played Ultimate Frisbee with a football and then we played keep away. It was fun. Some of the elders didn't play and of course the sisters didn't but it was so fun! Our Zone is totally changing. We got 10 new missionaries. Tuesday we got to work at Hannah's again which is always fun service. We saw J and read the Book of Mormon with her. We are going to try and get her on date this week. We are working hard on trying to find families. Wednesday was a good day. We saw a bunch of the people we are teaching to see if they will progress at all. We are trying to find the elect. People who don't just want us over to "visit" them but those who want to learn about the gospel. One of the families that we are teaching are not in very good circumstances and we helped them( the ward helped them) get Halloween costumes and it was like Christmas for them. They never had costumes. Made me sad but grateful for what I have. Anyway, the ward had a trunk or treat on Thursday and it was the biggest trunk or treat I have ever seen. So many people and so many cars. There was a family who dressed up like the minions and I LOVED IT!!!! I have pictures. Halloween was pretty boring. We tried to see members but they were busy. We had to be in by 6 so that was a good thing. We had one trick or treater and we gave them a fruit roll up hahaha:) Saturday we went over to President Loechingers( mission presidency) and had dinner with him and his friends. He called us and invited us over. He likes us better than the elders lol. When you get a referral from one of the presidency members... you tract that person down as fast as you can. Lol it was a good dinner though. He made German food and it was sooo good. I have pictures as well. Sunday was a wonderful day! 3 people came to church and we are getting one of them on date this week. J! MIRACLE! It really has been a week full of grace. Its crazy because even at times that I feel like I am not a good missionary or that I could do so much better, the Lord always provides a way and helps me over come that. I love it here in Centerville. I love being on a mission. I love my Savior Jesus Christ. Sister King

Saw this picture of Pres. Parry and it made me think of home:)


Dear Family, I hope you are all doing great! I will tell you about my week.
So last Sunday, our investigator J came to church and after church she told Sister C that she didn't want to do this anymore and that she was done. We were heart broken because we didn't know what happened but on Monday we went to talk to her and everything was all good. She was just having a hard time with people telling her she needed to stop drinking coffee and stuff like that but we talked with her and she really wants o learn still. She is so amazing! By far my favorite person I have taught. She is going to get baptized someday. The ward loves her and they tell us she should really be baptized by now. Some commandments are harder for people to follow. Tuesday started off great and got really ugly! In the morning we went to Hannah's and did some service. After Hannah's we went to meet with our investigator T  and come to find... he is in jail... GREAT... don't worry it gets worse. So during the afternoon is wasn't that bad because we got to see J  again and that always is the highlight to my day. We had dinner at a members house and the Elders where there and we played a game called Wits and Wagers (so much fun). Then. we left dinner for a lesson with D. We had it at the church with some members and they are seriously one of my favorite members.  Anyway, Sister C had a panic attack and was not breathing and her fingers went numb (this is about 9:10 at night and we were in our car on the way home.) I ended up turning the car around and we went back to the church and our members that were with us game her a blessing. She calmed down and it helped her out.  Wednesday we had district meeting and it went well. We also had a lesson with an investigator named Jn and she is wonderful! Even though we lost 2 investigators this week. God always puts others in our path. Wednesday night we also had dinner with the C's and they are awesome. Thursday we found a family to teach! They are so ready but unfortunately they didn't come to church:( On Friday our investigator J (older lady) told us how to get and keep men. It was really funny in her eyes how we do it. Saturday we helped this elderly couple decorate a Christmas tree. It was soooooo fun. Yes in October lol. Sunday we had 4 people come to church and it was great. The Lord really is blessing us here in Centerville. We are going to start getting some baptisms:) I love you! Sister King


Dear Family, How are you?  I am so happy for Masi! I dont have his email address so if you could get that to me that would be awesome! I would love to email him.  So Monday... We had the Sisters Conference and it was so much fun. I think I told you about it on Tuesday but I am still so happy we got to do that. Tuesday we had P- day and it went well. We did the normal. After P day we had dinner with a member and they are awesome. A lot of the members here know about Utah or lived there so that is always nice.  We are pretty much going to have to start over with this area because nobody wants to put in the work and progress. Wednesday we went to the Columbus temple. We were there a long time because of all the missionaries but it was so nice. I love the spirit that I feel there. It was much needed. The member that drove us down is Sister S and she is wonderful! We talked the whole time. Her husband went to Murray High and he has 9 siblings so we were trying to figure out if any of your family knew him. It was nice. Then after the temple we had a few lessons and they went well. Thursday we had weekly planning, we helped D with service.We met this awesome lady named N who says she is a member but we cant find record of her anywhere so we are going to teach her again and hopefully get her, her dad, and her son baptized (again if we have to). She is very nice and is searching for the church again. I don't know how someone is a member and totally goes 100% away and doesn't remember anything about it but I guess it happens. We also went and saw our investigator T.   Friday we went and helped Sister D again, but we frosted cupcakes this time. Saturday I was with Sister S and all I can say is... WE NEED TO BE COMPANIONS! I love her so much! She is like my best friend! We found 3 new investigators and it was just an awesome day. I got down on myself because we haven't been doing that well at member presents but we will do better next week. Sunday we had 4 people at church again which was great but they really aren't progressing. They just like coming to church... but wont get baptized... weird right? Anyway, we also went to a fireside last night which was nice just because I was at a low last night and needed to be lifted up. This week is going to be better with numbers. I really need to not get down on myself. I know I am here for a reason and the Lord will guide us where we need to go. It sounds like Austin is doing great. That makes me so happy. I love you all! Stay Strong! Sister King


Dear Family, My week was wonderful!  We did a lot of service and I got to use a power saw and tear up a tile floor.... yes I got to show my muscles hahaha. We also helped decorate for a Halloween party which was fun. Sister C may post pictures on facebook. We had interviews and they are always fun. We got to hang out with missionaries for like 6 hours and it was great. I love President and Sister Porter they are so wonderful. They know that it is hard being a trainer but they tell me that I am doing such an amazing job. They both say I am a great leader. It was really nice and our role play went really well. I always get nervous but things always seem to work out. We actually got 5 people to church this week and on the conference call with the whole mission last night the assistants had us talk about how we got 5 people to church. It was pretty awesome. President also said that it is really hard to hit leadership standards in Centerville but we hit them! We also had a Sisters conference yesterday and I realized how important I am in Gods plan and that I really am a here for a reason at this time and that I am a great person Ha. Being a girl I always get down on myself with things like " I am not good enough" or "what is wrong with me" but yesterday President told us how important we are and it made me see "me" in a different light. I also had to say the opening prayer and bear my testimony yesterday (president randomly chooses people to share their testimonies and guess what... I am almost always chosen.) Everyone can tell that to. Someone always calls on me whether it is on conference call or in front of everyone lol. God knows that I don't like doing that so he makes me do it:) Ha And we get to go to the temple tomorrow!!! Cant wait. Also at the womans conference yesterday I got to see all my other companions and just have a good time. Transfers are not next week but the next. Oh also I went into talk with Sister Porter and she said she met someone at the Salt Lake Temple that knew me... I don't know who it was but I was thinking it was Rachels mom. I am doing well. I love you so much. I hope you stay strong and know how much I love you. Can you believe I have about 8 months left. Crazy! I love you! Sister King


Dear Family,  My week actually was really good. It was a much needed week:) I just have to start off by saying how much I love conference and wished I would have listened to it when I was home! I really made me so happy. It made me think of Utah lol. Anyway, Monday was a normal P-day. We had exchanges on Tuesday, they were great. I was with Sister Fisher and we had a good time. Our day was pretty busy. We went and did service at Hannah's Treasure Chest again and that is always fun. Then we had 3 powerful lessons with members there and it went well. We were scared because none of our investigators are really progressing and so we were thinking we were going to have to drop them but God didn't want us to drop them just yet.  Wednesday we had District meeting. After District we all went to a place called Cousin Vini's and had pizza. It was good. We had a lot of fun:) I love being around other missionaries:) We have been having a really hard time trying to find people to teach. We have been walking everywhere and talking to everyone but no one is interested. This area really is hard for missionary work but we are making things happen. We also got to help clean out a goat stall and that was fun.Thursday was the day we saw God's grace because we actually found 2 new investigators. Not sure how much they actually want to learn but we will see. Friday was a day full of miracles. We were fasting and it seems like big things always happen when we fast. We helped one of our members paint her house and also tear up her floor. It was pretty fun. We love her. Her name is Sister D. She is wonderful but she was having a hard time so I am glad we got to help. For dinner on Thursday we went to the B's and Sister B is wonderful. She is such a fabulous member missionary. I am going to be like her when I get home:) We also had a lesson with V and that went well. She is planning on coming to conference. Our other investigator J also said she wanted to come to conference. Saturday was crazy busy but it was great! We had the morning session of conference at the Z's and we had lunch over there. Then the Saturday afternoon session we went to the G's and they fed us treats. J came to that session and that is a HUGE step for her. It was wonderful. The G's are so awesome to have us over. They really are one of my favorites. This ward is so incredible. And Sunday... We had 3 of our investigators come to church which was a miracle. Our members picked them up. The first session was at the church and the second session was at the G's again. After Conference we had dinner at the S's and they are great too. That is something that I really love about this area... The Ward and their support. Conference was really great though. I know that Thomas S. Monson is a prophet of God and I am so grateful for all the leaders of the church. I love President Uchtdorfs talk. He is wonderful man. I just really had a great time. All my questions were answered and I loved it. This week is going to be a normal week other than interviews on Thursday and Zone meeting on Wednesday. Next week is going to be super busy though. Monday we have the Womans Conference....SUPER EXCITED! Tuesday as far as we know is going to be our P-day, Wednesday we are going to the temple and Friday we are on exchanges again and I should be with sister Summers this time. So happy:) Next week is going to fly. Thank you for the letter this week. I love you all so much! You are wonderful. I love you I love you I love you! P.S. It is soooo cold here already. I am going to have to get boots soon. Mine from last year didn't work out all that great:) The big ones are awesome for when there is snow though.