Cincinnati, Ohio

Cincinnati, Ohio
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Monday, November 3, 2014

Happy I am still in Centerville

Dear Family, All I can say it that the Lord has an amazing plan! This week really has been full of miracles. Not gonna lie, Monday I was praying I would be transferred but the Lord had another plan and I am so glad He did. I am so glad I am still here in Centerville! This has been my longest companionship so far. Which scares me because I don't want to leave 2 weeks before Christmas but that is awhile away. We have made a goal that we are going to have 6 baptisms this transfer and they only way to do that is through the grace of God.  Anyway, Monday we had a Zone day fun day and that in of itself is an adventure. My GPS died and we didn't know where to go so it was funny trying to get directions from someone on the phone who had a GPS lol. Gotta love technology. When we finally got to the park we had a lot of fun. Me, loving sports, hung out with the Elders and one other sister and we played Ultimate Frisbee with a football and then we played keep away. It was fun. Some of the elders didn't play and of course the sisters didn't but it was so fun! Our Zone is totally changing. We got 10 new missionaries. Tuesday we got to work at Hannah's again which is always fun service. We saw J and read the Book of Mormon with her. We are going to try and get her on date this week. We are working hard on trying to find families. Wednesday was a good day. We saw a bunch of the people we are teaching to see if they will progress at all. We are trying to find the elect. People who don't just want us over to "visit" them but those who want to learn about the gospel. One of the families that we are teaching are not in very good circumstances and we helped them( the ward helped them) get Halloween costumes and it was like Christmas for them. They never had costumes. Made me sad but grateful for what I have. Anyway, the ward had a trunk or treat on Thursday and it was the biggest trunk or treat I have ever seen. So many people and so many cars. There was a family who dressed up like the minions and I LOVED IT!!!! I have pictures. Halloween was pretty boring. We tried to see members but they were busy. We had to be in by 6 so that was a good thing. We had one trick or treater and we gave them a fruit roll up hahaha:) Saturday we went over to President Loechingers( mission presidency) and had dinner with him and his friends. He called us and invited us over. He likes us better than the elders lol. When you get a referral from one of the presidency members... you tract that person down as fast as you can. Lol it was a good dinner though. He made German food and it was sooo good. I have pictures as well. Sunday was a wonderful day! 3 people came to church and we are getting one of them on date this week. J! MIRACLE! It really has been a week full of grace. Its crazy because even at times that I feel like I am not a good missionary or that I could do so much better, the Lord always provides a way and helps me over come that. I love it here in Centerville. I love being on a mission. I love my Savior Jesus Christ. Sister King

Saw this picture of Pres. Parry and it made me think of home:)

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