Cincinnati, Ohio

Cincinnati, Ohio
Cincinnati, Ohio Dec. 2013 - July 2015

Monday, July 6, 2015


My week... Well it has been eventful that is for sure. The last week as a missionary. It has been sad to say goodbye to all the people I love here but I am so grateful I get to come home and see more people I love. We have actually been pretty busy this week and that is an answer to my prayers.  I needed to stay busy! Monday we got to go to the Zoo with the Curtis's and that seriously was a blast!!!! We had so much fun seeing all the animals and just having a good time! Tuesday Leadership Council was canceled unfortunately but we did have a 7 and a half hour conference call with the entire mission leadership and that was really cool! We got a lot of sweet revelation and we got to "hang out" with the zone leaders all day! We had dinner that night with a member at Cracker Barrel and that was good. It was pouring rain!!!!It has been raining a ton here! We found out that we will be having Zone meeting with the Cincy Zone on Wednesday and with the Promised Land Thursday so we had a busy week full of meetings! They actually went really great and I felt so confident as a missionary! Of course when I am just about to leave. Anyway, they went well and we all learned a lot! Then on Friday I got to go to Highland Heights and say goodbye that was fun! Crazy but good. The Shuley's weren't there unfortunately but that is ok. Saturday was so much fun! We had breakfast and did service at the Lawals and then did more service at the Herzner's. After that we had a double lunch one with the bishop's wife and another with a less active... everyone just wants to say goodbye to both Elder Mower and myself. Then we had a finding challenge within our districts so we went to Covington and saw a parade and then went finding:) Then we went to the Cobb's for dinner and had way fun there. We were with the elders all day and I always love that! We did get to see some fireworks and then church yesterday... I shared my testimony, cried a little, said goodbye to people yesterday and packed:)

Letter from June 29, 2015

 We had a crazy busy week and I am so excited to tell you all about it! It was actually a really great week full of so many miracles! It has been amazing to continue to see God's hand every single day in the work!
The week started slow but it picked up towards the end of the week!
Monday we had a good day. we had the Cincinnati Zone Fun Day today.  We then had a lesson that night that went well. This lady we are re-teaching is a less active who has memory loss so we are trying to figure out if she has gotten her patriarchal blessing. She is a member but she doesn't remember a ton. That is always a good time. Tuesday I got to go on exchanges with Sister Carnahan in Cincinnati!!!!! That was so crazy but incredible! Sister Carnahan  is doing such a great job... Don't freak out when I tell you this but I went to the GHETTO!!! Downtown Cincy and a place called Over The Rine and that was pretty sketch!! There was a shooting that day and they day before there was a police man shot where we spent all day trying to find new investigators. It was pretty crazy!!! I am just grateful I have the Lord on my side! I know things can still happen but I am safe. Seriously though, Sister Carnahan is incredible! She always says that she is my legacy that I am leaving:) That makes me super happy! We got back home safe that night! Good times:) Cincinnati is so pretty though!
Wednesday we had district meeting but before district meeting, A called us and wanted us to come over. She gave me a necklace she has made and it is so incredible! I will try and send you a picture:) She is so super sweet! I am so going to miss that family. Then we pretty much just had a day full of lessons and that was good. Nothing too exciting.
Thursday we did another exchange. I was in Northern Kentucky this time with Sister Dastrup ( a greenie) and that was fun! We had 9 lessons in 1 day and we really saw grace! God really was in control.
Friday: What a MIRACULOUS DAY!!!! We got up and got ready, then went and picked up P around 9 and met at Sister Lawal's to take P  to the temple to receive her endowment! Everything just worked out so perfect! The Endowment session was so fantastic and it was so spiritual! Taking recent converts to the temple is the most remarkable thing in the world!!! P loved it! That night we were a little stressed only because we couldn't find a name for S to take to the temple on Saturday and that was nerve racking but we called President and he helped us figure it out.
Saturday, so Saturday morning we have a meeting with the zone leaders, right after that meeting we were meeting to go to the temple with S( recent convert) and Sister Neal was driving and R (been a member for 5 years but to the temple once) and we were meeting at 11:30 because we had to meet everyone at the temple at 1. This was the entire mission recent convert temple trip so we thought a ton of people were going to go so we told T she could just meet us down there when she gets off work. Well on our way to the temple we get a phone call from the assistants telling us that we are the only ones in the entire mission that got our recent converts to the temple and that President got called into a last minute meeting so they were going to meet us down at the temple and help us. They are seriously miracle workers because we thought that T  coming later wasn't going to be a big deal because there were so many people supposed to come. We told that to the assistants when we got there and they were willing to wait for T. We waited for probably close to 2 hours and then we all got to go in the temple and T, S, and R  all did baptisms. It was one of the most jumbled days ever but everything worked out! Thanks to the assistants and Sister Neal who was a champ! Miracles really do happen. We had to get T there asap! And I wanted to be there. After the temple we got home around 6 and had dinner at the Curtis's. I love them soooo much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They are so fantastic! They are going to come visit Utah and they we are going to go out to lunch.
Sunday, another miraculous day! We had to go on splits this morning because we had ward council so I went to ward council and Sister Holtz when out with S to take breakfast to our investigators to try and get them to come to church. We were only expecting 2 to come but as we were sitting in church... next thing you know we have 5 investigators there! Crazy!!! So to be able to hit something called Leadership Standards of Excellence you have to have at least 2 at church, 4 new investigators, and 4 member presents (meaning 4 members come with you to your appointments) and at this point it was Sunday night, we had 1 new investigator, 5 at church, and 7 member present and all we needed was 3 new... that is all... ya right! Finding in our area is not that easy.  So after church we had meetings and dinner and so we weren't going to have much time to find. I was pretty nervous. We got a text on our way to our dinner appointment saying so far everyone in our zone had leadership standards except us. That freaked me out! Our entire zone has NEVER all his leadership and so we really had to rely on God. We had 10 minutes before our dinner appointment so we went and tried a referral and what do you know, he said we could come back. 1 down 2 to go. So we went to our dinner appointment at the Bjarnsons (our Ward Mission Leader) and right after dinner he was having a meeting with the missionaries and the ward missionaries so we didn't know what to do. We had an hour left in the night after we got out of the meeting. We walked around the area for a little and talked to everyone and what do you know... God put 2 more people in our path who said we could come back! One of the guys has met Mormons before and was very open. He was out watering his plants. I could never do this work on my own! It was totally God! What a miraculous week!!! Seeing so much grace!
And then today, we went to the Cincinnati Zoo!!!! So much fun! The Curtis's took us and we really had a great time! I have a ton of pictures so beware... I will be on next week but I am not sure what I will say hahah I will see you in 9 days! I love you I love you I love you:) Have a great week!