Cincinnati, Ohio

Cincinnati, Ohio
Cincinnati, Ohio Dec. 2013 - July 2015

Monday, July 6, 2015

Letter from June 22, 2015

So... this week has been so amazing! By far one of the best week of my mission! We had mini missionaries with us all week!!! They were so incredible! We saw so many miracles with them! God really does answer our prayers. We were super nervous to get minis because we heard how hard it is to have minis but honestly, our minis where the best. We would go on splits all the time and just see so much GRACE!
Monday we had a district Fun day and that was so much fun! We went to Davju park and saw and incredible view of Cincinnati! I love it here so much! It was so pretty! It was super hot though so we were nasty the rest of the day. It is so fun with 4 people in our car the entire time. We had FHE with B and F tonight and they made us dinner and we had steak! It was so great! I love them so much!!! Then we got to finally see A. I have missed her but it has been great to get back in contact.
Tuesday we did a lot of service which is always fun. We are cleaning our new church building but it doesn't look like I will be in it before I leave so coming back to a regular church building is going to be weird. We had great lessons all day and then dinner at the Curtis' which is always so incredible! I love them so much! There kids are the cutest! I got to spend a little more time with Sister Robertson (our Mini) today and she really is remarkable! She is a convert and just so amazing! We also did gardening at the Lawal's this morning! This ward is so incredible! I love it here! I wont say that enough!
Wednesday was a day full of miracles! We had district meeting in the morning teaching us about chapel tours and Elder Halstead our District Leader committed us to having a chapel tour with an investigator this week and so we said we would do our best... we don't have any super progressing investigators and so we were a little nervous but with the Grace of God... we got a chapel tour that night! It was remarkable!!! We took G down into the baptismal font and invited him to be baptized and he really really wants to!  SOOOOOO COOL!
Thursday we had zone weekly planning so that was fun and then we just had a great night with lessons all night long! It was busy but great!
Friday was also another day of lessons but honestly it is like everything just worked out! The Lord really does provide a way! We didn't know how we were going to do it with the minis but we did!
Saturday morning was really sad because we had to send our missionaries home:( I was so sad but I would have more time to get ready in the morning. Saturday night we had a baptism to go to and that is always fun especially because it was the HH ward so I got to see so many people.
Sunday was a very non stressful day and that was relaxing! Things are going really well here. we are now just trying to find people to progress
Today we are having a zone fun day with the Cincinnati Zone

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