Cincinnati, Ohio

Cincinnati, Ohio
Cincinnati, Ohio Dec. 2013 - July 2015

Monday, July 6, 2015

Letter from May 25, 2015

My week... Well the week before transfers is usually a bit nerve racking.... But our week went really well!
We are super exhausted by the end of it though...Here it goes:
Monday: Relaxing P-day. We just kinda chilled and went shopping with S and talked with Sister Bjarnson about the Dress Your Truth. After P-day was over we went and helped and investigator who was moving clean her house (service #1).
Tuesday we were really just busy with lessons all day! We are working with this young girl named T but unfortunately her birth mom won't let her get baptized yet but she really wants to so we are going to be working with that. We also visited a lot of less actives that we are trying to reactivate.
Wednesday we had District Meeting and we learned how to get more motivated and how to be more bold when we extent things, especially baptism with a date.
Thursday we went and visited a lady in the hospital bishop had asked us to go visit. She was super sweet! Then we had more lessons. We had a RS dinner that night and it was really good! We gave a chapel tour to S's mom and it went well. She isn't all for religion but we will get her:) she is so sweet and incredibly hilarious!
Friday morning Sister Neal came over to our apartment at 8:45 and curled our hair... just because she wanted to see how it would look. Then we went from 10-1:30 to help our little miss Edith Perkins(98) move. She is so cute but she tries to do it by herself. (service #2)son after but then felt prompted we needed to go back and help Edith because we didn't want her doing it on her own. We then had dinner at the King's and I always love going over there! Then we went and helped Marie  pack because she is moving. (service #3)
Saturday we helped Bro. P cut downs trees and burn them from 8-10 then at 12 we went and helped K and M move then at 3 we went and helped Tr pull weeds and then we had dinner at the bishops and it was kind of a party and then at 7:30 we went and played corn hole with B and F  with the Elders... Actually we were with the Elders all day! They really are my favorite! (service #4,5,6,7)
Sunday we had a good day at church! Sunday are never really relaxing days for missionaries.... very stressful but it was a good day!

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