Cincinnati, Ohio

Cincinnati, Ohio
Cincinnati, Ohio Dec. 2013 - July 2015

Monday, November 3, 2014


Dear Family, My week was wonderful!  We did a lot of service and I got to use a power saw and tear up a tile floor.... yes I got to show my muscles hahaha. We also helped decorate for a Halloween party which was fun. Sister C may post pictures on facebook. We had interviews and they are always fun. We got to hang out with missionaries for like 6 hours and it was great. I love President and Sister Porter they are so wonderful. They know that it is hard being a trainer but they tell me that I am doing such an amazing job. They both say I am a great leader. It was really nice and our role play went really well. I always get nervous but things always seem to work out. We actually got 5 people to church this week and on the conference call with the whole mission last night the assistants had us talk about how we got 5 people to church. It was pretty awesome. President also said that it is really hard to hit leadership standards in Centerville but we hit them! We also had a Sisters conference yesterday and I realized how important I am in Gods plan and that I really am a here for a reason at this time and that I am a great person Ha. Being a girl I always get down on myself with things like " I am not good enough" or "what is wrong with me" but yesterday President told us how important we are and it made me see "me" in a different light. I also had to say the opening prayer and bear my testimony yesterday (president randomly chooses people to share their testimonies and guess what... I am almost always chosen.) Everyone can tell that to. Someone always calls on me whether it is on conference call or in front of everyone lol. God knows that I don't like doing that so he makes me do it:) Ha And we get to go to the temple tomorrow!!! Cant wait. Also at the womans conference yesterday I got to see all my other companions and just have a good time. Transfers are not next week but the next. Oh also I went into talk with Sister Porter and she said she met someone at the Salt Lake Temple that knew me... I don't know who it was but I was thinking it was Rachels mom. I am doing well. I love you so much. I hope you stay strong and know how much I love you. Can you believe I have about 8 months left. Crazy! I love you! Sister King

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