Cincinnati, Ohio

Cincinnati, Ohio
Cincinnati, Ohio Dec. 2013 - July 2015

Monday, November 3, 2014


Dear Family, How are you?  I am so happy for Masi! I dont have his email address so if you could get that to me that would be awesome! I would love to email him.  So Monday... We had the Sisters Conference and it was so much fun. I think I told you about it on Tuesday but I am still so happy we got to do that. Tuesday we had P- day and it went well. We did the normal. After P day we had dinner with a member and they are awesome. A lot of the members here know about Utah or lived there so that is always nice.  We are pretty much going to have to start over with this area because nobody wants to put in the work and progress. Wednesday we went to the Columbus temple. We were there a long time because of all the missionaries but it was so nice. I love the spirit that I feel there. It was much needed. The member that drove us down is Sister S and she is wonderful! We talked the whole time. Her husband went to Murray High and he has 9 siblings so we were trying to figure out if any of your family knew him. It was nice. Then after the temple we had a few lessons and they went well. Thursday we had weekly planning, we helped D with service.We met this awesome lady named N who says she is a member but we cant find record of her anywhere so we are going to teach her again and hopefully get her, her dad, and her son baptized (again if we have to). She is very nice and is searching for the church again. I don't know how someone is a member and totally goes 100% away and doesn't remember anything about it but I guess it happens. We also went and saw our investigator T.   Friday we went and helped Sister D again, but we frosted cupcakes this time. Saturday I was with Sister S and all I can say is... WE NEED TO BE COMPANIONS! I love her so much! She is like my best friend! We found 3 new investigators and it was just an awesome day. I got down on myself because we haven't been doing that well at member presents but we will do better next week. Sunday we had 4 people at church again which was great but they really aren't progressing. They just like coming to church... but wont get baptized... weird right? Anyway, we also went to a fireside last night which was nice just because I was at a low last night and needed to be lifted up. This week is going to be better with numbers. I really need to not get down on myself. I know I am here for a reason and the Lord will guide us where we need to go. It sounds like Austin is doing great. That makes me so happy. I love you all! Stay Strong! Sister King

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