Cincinnati, Ohio

Cincinnati, Ohio
Cincinnati, Ohio Dec. 2013 - July 2015

Monday, March 23, 2015


There is not a lot to say this week.  We are kinda at a stand still. We hit leadership again which is incredible and we have had a ton of lessons but we are really just trying to work hard. Being a missionary really is the most incredible thing ever! I really have been doing well. I have my up's and down's but things are going well.  Just pray that I can overcome the things in my mind right now. Hahah  Satan is really good at getting in my mind. Sister Watts mom is super cute!

We had exchanges on Tuesday and they was great! We actually had a really great day! Things worked out so much and it was just fun! We had an incredible Zone Meeting on Wednesday and I learned so much. Being an STL we usually help with everything and that is always fun. Saturday we did service all day and Sunday was a great day at church. We went over to Ma and Pa's last night for dinner and that is always a treat!

Learning a lot about the Doctrine of Christ- President Porter created a lesson to be taught to every member home. How through Faith (action), repentance (change), baptism (renewal, rebirth) and receiving the gift of the holy ghost (sanctification) we can gain the character of Christ. It is really moving the work-- President Greenhalgh our Stake President gave us 4 commitment for each member to make to increase their faith. There are so MANY MIRACLES coming from it! It is pumping me up! I want to do them myself.

1. Will you make a new non-member friend and do something with them?
2. Will you perform a Christ-like act of service for someone you don't know?
3. Will you minister to someone in the ward in their home?
4. Will you read or re-read The Power of Everyday missionaries by Craig. C Christensen?

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