Cincinnati, Ohio

Cincinnati, Ohio
Cincinnati, Ohio Dec. 2013 - July 2015

Monday, March 23, 2015


So my week... 
    Monday Sister Watts and I really had a relaxing day. We went and got our nails done and that was so much fun. Then Monday night, we had FHE with L's family and we watched the Joseph Smith movie. We are trying to get Ls Mamaw and Papaw involved in the gospel... It may take a little time but we will get it. When the Lord is ready. They really are an incredible family and the Lord really is going to work with them. 
    Tuesday we were on exchanges and I got to go to Highland Heights with Sister Campbell. It was great. I got to see D and some of their investigators. I love HH and all but I know it is not my area now. My area is Northern Kentucky and I love it so much! This is were I would want to come back and visit. The work really is progressing so much here! A had her interview and they say she is so ready.
     Wednesday we had District meeting and it was great. Elder Carson is our district leader and seriously this is the best district I have been on on my mission. The elders are so supportive of us and they really love us. They are really family. They did something for us Saturday night and left us a card and some Promise Land Milk and really it was so sweet. They are always doing everything they can to help us. I have never seen better elders. Wednesday after district meeting we went and saw G  and now he is on date for the 21st of March. It was really great! We also saw L and talked with her for at little. We are also teaching this lady named L and her two girls. They are so happy. T also had her interview and it was great.
      Thursday we had weekly planning and then we had lunch with a new investigator who really is super solid! He wants answers and we have them! We can't wait to teach him. He is a miracle. God really is putting people in our path.
        Friday was so powerful!!!! We had the baptism at 7 but we met them at 6. They really were ready. They shared their testimonies and it was so powerful. While T was being baptized, A had bad thoughts in her mind about running away and not doing it but she fought against Satan and it worked!!! She is a new person. The support we had at the baptism was so amazing! 
     Saturday we had service with L and painted her house, and then we had dinner with a member and the elders were there and it was fun. 
       Sunday we had a non member come to church and now we are going to teach him. He was being taught in another ward and now we get to teach him. Really people are just walking in our path.. IT is so exciting!!!
     Today we are having a district fun day and we may just do a snow ball fight and stuff. We are going to be getting 12-14 inches of snow!!! Yay!!!!! So I may not be able to write you a letter but know how much I love you!!!!

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