Cincinnati, Ohio

Cincinnati, Ohio
Cincinnati, Ohio Dec. 2013 - July 2015

Monday, March 23, 2015


So... this week has actually been great! We have seen so many miracles! Starting with Monday...
It was actually really sad! Elder Keleher and Elder Carson left:( Elder Keleher made us a family video and it is so cute! I wish there was a way I could send it to you. We had Frozen Yogurt as a good-bye party. We miss them a ton! We are really going to be friends forever! We did have a lesson with J that went well. He used to own his own restaurant so he decided to make us dinner:) He made ribs and unfortunately it made me sick... I am not a huge fan of ribs but it was a nice thought haha.
Tuesday was great! We went and saw E who is a super rock star! Then we found out that P(our incredible recent convert) was in the hospital because of pain and we ended up going and spending time with her. She is such a trooper!
Wednesday was a full day of lessons! It snowed really bad all day but we got by! J was going to have his interview but he ended up not being able to because of the snow. It is funny how everyone out here is not used to that much snow so everyone freaks out a little! It is pretty funny!
Thursday we did have J's interview! He is super golden! He was handed to us on a gold platter! It was a miracle! He passed and it was great! He wants to be sealed to his girlfriend J. SOooooo Happy! They make Sister Watts and I excited to date lol.  G, the 19 year old that we have been meeting with we are now sending him to the YSA ward.  We are working with some less actives and they are always fun. We are back seeing A again and really it is like a roller coaster ride! Up and down all the time! It makes me sad because I love her so much! We had dinner at the King's this week and I am so grateful for that!
Friday... My favorite day!!!!! We had leadership council! I received so much revelation and learned so much! President Porter taught us a new way to teach people about the importance of church and I am so excited to teach it! I wish I could send you everything we are taught! I love Leadership Councils though! We are also teaching a new lesson to all the members about the Doctrine of Christ and it was so remarkable! I just cant wait to teach you all!
Saturday was actually a really rough day for me. The beginning was great! The baptism went so smooth and people came up to us after and said how well we work and teach together and that was great but Saturday night I really felt along and broke down! It was really hard but I got over it. I was being selfish! I wasn't seeing success and it was just really rough! Things are better now. OPPOSITION IN ALL THINGS!
Sunday was a day of miracles! We had meetings all morning, we didn't think anyone was coming to church(we pretty much had to drop all of our investors so we are starting new again) but A brought her husband J and J's non member parents came1 IT was great! We then went and worked our new area and knocked on doors but it was actually fun!

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