Cincinnati, Ohio

Cincinnati, Ohio
Cincinnati, Ohio Dec. 2013 - July 2015

Monday, March 23, 2015


My birthday was really great! One to remember for sure! I got the  package from you:) I loved it! Just what I needed. Thanks so much! I love you so much! So one of the elders I am serving with right now is going home with me and last night he brought to my attention that I only have 5 months left! Where does time go????? Also, the elders in my district are incredible!!! I love serving here!

It was soooo incredible!!! Sooo many people made it the best birthday ever! I got to take 3 recent converts to the temple and they got to do baptism for the dead. So the first Saturday of every month, we have the opportunity to go to the temple only if we have a recent convert that is going for the first time and have their own family names. So luckily, we had 3!!!! E, K, and D! It was such an amazing experience! Being in the Louisville temple in the baptistery with all the missionaries in this area and their recent converts was sooo beautiful! We got to watch them all do baptisms and then at the end President told us that we could do baptism. All the sisters did because we had extra time and President Porter baptized us!!! What a wonderful experience! And then that night after we left the temple, we had a little party at 
E's(she made me a Nutella cake) and she got me a present, we then went to Ma Kings and had dinner and a party there as well and it really was so remarkable. Friday was a great day too! L invited us over for breakfast and then B and F made a huge lunch for us and the bought a birthday cake that said happy birthday sister king on it and then for dinner we went to bishops house and he was very excited to celebrate my birthday. They made Cheesecake and sang to me! It was a very special day:) Everyone around said happy birthday even at the temple, It was just magnificent. And to top it all off, we had an amazing week full of incredible lessons and we hit leadership and not only that but we have 2 baptisms this week if everything goes the way we planned:) We also had zone meeting and zone conference this week which were very revelatory and powerful!

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