Cincinnati, Ohio

Cincinnati, Ohio
Cincinnati, Ohio Dec. 2013 - July 2015

Monday, September 15, 2014

Sept 8th Email

Dear Family, How are you???  Today is a pretty much P-day all day. I am so excited! sounds like you have had a busy week. Things here are going better. The game starts at 7 tonight and so we are all meeting at 5:30 to get a mission picture. We are going down with other sisters at 2 and going to museums and stuff in Cincinnati.Cant wait! I did get the package! Thanks so much. I am trying to figure out the GPS. It is different and I am not sure yet if my charger works but I will figure it out. 
This week.... Monday last week we chalked again. I probably already told you that because of the holiday. Tuesday was our P-day and we didn't do anything too exciting. I got new shoes which is good. This week has just pretty much been busy with lessons. Nothing too exciting happened. It always seems that one week I have sooo much to tell you and the next week... nothing too big really happens. Thursday we were super busy one lesson after the other and that is always a good thing.  Our investigator still wants to get baptized but she is having a hard time giving up coffee. We are going to try so hard to get her off. We are also meeting this very interesting guy  and because I was companions with Sister Smith... I know a lot about him. He is just different. I will tell you more about him in my letter. Friday we were on exchanges!!! I got to be with sister Summers! She really is like my best friend in the mission field. We are going to be roommates. I love her so much. We had a great day. We were in her area so that is always fun. I learn so much from her. She says I have leadership qualities and that I am going to be a Sister Training Leader sometime..... NOOOOO hahaha We talked about all the blessings we have seen since we have been out and I realized how much things would be different if I didn't serve a mission. Sunday was a good day. During fast and testimony meeting, The Njie's all got up and bore their testimonies! Very powerful. After church we had a Linger Longer and that was fun. Then we went over to our ward mission leaders house and pretty much spent a lot of time there. They had dessert for us and we really just talked it was nice. So that is how my week went. Next Tuesday is transfers. I will let you know if that will be me. I love you so much! Thanks for the letters!

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