Cincinnati, Ohio

Cincinnati, Ohio
Cincinnati, Ohio Dec. 2013 - July 2015

Monday, December 23, 2013

 I miss you so much. I think about you all the time but it really has been great here. Don't worry about me. I am doing fine. It is really hard being away from my family but the spirit is so strong here and I know I am doing the right thing.  I get to email you today because my P-day fell on Christmas so I get it today and Wednesday. How lucky am I? So I do get to write you on Christmas as well. I have the most amazing teachers. One is Brother Hixon and he is so nice and so willing to help and the other one is Brother Ikahihifo and he is hilarious!!! He makes all of us laugh so much and have fun. My district is amazing as well. We all get along so much and it really is so much fun. We all sit together at meals and just talk. Yesterday we had a very spiritual day. We had Sacrament Meeting in just a room and that was way different but it was nice. It was just with my Zone.  My companions are also so wonderful. They have helped me to grow so much. My testimony is definitely strengthened. One of my companions, Sister Porter, reminds me of Hannah Earl.  My other companion, Sister Wight, is like a mom. She shows so much love for me and supports me with everything. She helps me when I am feeling down or if I don't understand something she is always there. She is a convert and had a rough life but she seriously is so amazing. Yesterday my Zone all walked to the Provo Temple in the snow and it was so much fun. We all laughed and have a great time. I am going to send you pictures. The ones with me and my companions, the one with the dark hair is Sister Wight and the other on is Sister Porter. I hope the family is doing ok. I miss you all so much.  This first week has been rough, a ton of personal study time but it really is nice. I saw Jacob Carter once and Landon Arnold is also here and I see him often. There was 783 missionaries that came when I got here. So crazy!!! Well I love you so much,  please stay strong. Don't cry and don't worry too much about me. I am doing just fine.  You are always in my prayers.  Love you so much.  Tell everyone to write me. I would love to get letters. Tell Grandpa I love him. I will write more people once I get the hang of it. I now know where I am going around campus but I still am not sure of the schedule. Waking up early and going to bed early isn't really too hard. I am getting used to it. I even did my own laundry todayJ

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