Cincinnati, Ohio

Cincinnati, Ohio
Cincinnati, Ohio Dec. 2013 - July 2015

Monday, June 22, 2015

Letter from April 20, 2015

This week really has been totally full of miracles! I could not have done it on my own. It was all God! I had to take over this area and that is a really scary feeling sometimes.
Monday was really sad to have to help Sister Watts pack she really is my best friend but I know that God had a plan for both of us. Monday during the day we went and hung out with the zone to say good-bye to everyone:( Our zone is totally being switched up. Monday night we went to Orange Leaf and had fro yo with E and the Elders. That was a hard good-bye. Monday night we finished packing up Sister Watts and watched Meet the Mormons. I love that movie! Elder Mower's brother sent him some copies and he is letting us use one. I love watching it!
Tuesday was transfers... It was so cool because transfers is in Centerville so I tend to always go back to my old areas hahah. I saw Sister Gifford and Sister Davis there and I love them so much! It was so much fun. Transfer meeting was actually really big this time. It was fun. Sister Watts went to Muncie Indiana... so far away! But I know she is going to do great work there! Then, I got my new companion Sister Holtz and she is great! We have so much in common and it is fun! She is having a harder time getting used to the area but she is awesome! We went out to lunch with the Elders and Ma King and Aaron Perkins. That was great. We embarrassed Elder Mower a little and sang happy birthday to him even though it was a little early. I love our elders though! Tuesday when we got back to our area we went and saw a bunch of people to introduce Sister Holtz. It was actually a really good but busy day.
Wednesday we had to work with the ZL's all morning and set visions for our new zone and plan zone meeting for Friday. That was great. I love setting visions and working together. We are all family! Our new zone is incredible missionaries! They are very hard workers. One set of elders in our zone found 32 new this week and they got doubled in meaning they are both new to the area. We had dinner at the Lawal's and that is always incredible! Very spiritual!
Thursday we did weekly planning and found some new investigators. We also went to the RS activity and we leaned how to clean:) Always fun! You can use lemons for everything!
Friday we had zone meeting and it went really well! We had so much participation and we set some zone visions and goals. It was incredible how everyone just came together:) Our vision is to be missionaries that raise the bar and set the standard:) AWESOME!!! We had an interesting day though because our cars for the entire mission were grounded so we had to have members drives us places and we walked all night long. It was really good for us though:) We had some service and I always love service:)
Saturday we had a "party" for Elder Mower because it was his birthday. We went over to the King's and had a huge breakfast! It was great! Then we went over and taught a powerful Doctrine of Christ lesson to a member and they opened up to us a ton! Then we got to go to a baptism for the HH Sisters and I got to see everyone from that ward. It is always so much fun.  Also seeing a baptism there is fantastic! Then we had dinner with the elders and a member and that was fun. Pretty great day!
Sunday, miraculous day! S came to church, she is our most progressing investigator now. We are hopefully going to put her on date today! She is E's friend and she is so cool! Sister Holtz and her have so much in common! Then we had a good time at church. After church we went over and had a BBQ with L and her family and then went and saw J. We had dinner at the Bjarnson's and  S came with us! Really great week! We also had 38 lesson and so many miracles! I know this church is true! I love serving the Lord so much and I know, all of our questions can be answered! I love you


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