Cincinnati, Ohio

Cincinnati, Ohio
Cincinnati, Ohio Dec. 2013 - July 2015

Monday, June 30, 2014

Letter from June 23, 2014

 My week has really been a great one. I did a ton of service which is good but very tiring. There is ALWAYS opposition in all things. Satan knew we were going to have a great week so he made the last one hard. This week was great. Monday I went to the chiropractor and that was so awesome. She was really great. I got some stretches to do so hopefully that will help but I have to go back tomorrow if I am not getting transferred. Monday night we had a lesson with an investigator  again and she really wants to get baptized so we are working with her and her boyfriend, his  heart has been softened a little so hopefully everything will work out. Tuesday we helped one of our members move. After that we went and had an awesome lesson with another  investigator.  At first when we got there she was yelling at her kids and saying some words we didn't want to hear. I didn't want to stay but Sister Smith said we needed to bring the spirit. When she came and sat down, we were bold with her and told her that we have the answers she is looking for. We brought the spirit super strong and she said she would be baptized. She felt the spirit way strong. Later that night we contacted out member  referral and come to find... She is Incredible and wants to get baptized! Apparently she has had the missionary discussions before and was going to get baptized but got scared when it came to her interview and she didn't understand why she had to be interviewed so she didn't get baptized. We are now teaching her and she is so ready. We haven't even taught her the Word of Wisdom but she remembers she has to stop smoking and things like that so she is already doing that. She got a blessing yesterday and the reason she said she got it was to have the strength to get baptized. God's Grace! She really is so awesome and she came to church yesterday. Wednesday was my 6 month mark! Can you believe it?!!! We did more service and meetings today. Thursday we helped someone else move and had weekly planning. Friday was a pretty good day. We had 2 members out with us. It was pretty great. Saturday we got to clean up the Ohio River. It was a huge thing and we got permission to do it and it was fun. Very dirty, but way fun. It has been a pretty good week and now we are just waiting for the transfer results....I will let you  know, when I know. I love you all. Sister King

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