Cincinnati, Ohio

Cincinnati, Ohio
Cincinnati, Ohio Dec. 2013 - July 2015

Sunday, January 11, 2015


It is 2015!!! I can't even believe it!!! I have been on my mission almost 13 months!!!! WOW! Anyway, this week was a huge growing week for me!  I was pretty much called to repentance. We have been struggling with numbers this week ( meaning getting new investigators and having lessons, etc) but we are really relying on the Lord this week. We are praying to God and trusting him. New Years is a fun time to be a missionary. Monday, Sister Watts and I had fun shopping(sorry for spending money, it was really nice though). We spent about 3 hours just hanging out at the mall here. It is kinda like Gateway:) Tuesday and Wednesday were very interesting. Tuesday was a normal work day until about 6:30. We had to be in our apartment by 6:30 and stay there until 3 the next day because of all the crazy people partying. So when we came in, we had a packet that we had to do and the packet started out by us deep cleaning our entire apartment and that wasn't too bad because we normally keep it clean other than what we call our Narnia closet where everyone puts things they don't want anymore when they leave. Haha that was fun to clean. Then on New Years Day we had all these reflecting questions that we had to answer and it was great! We really thought long and hard about each question and to be honest... it made me a little trunky just because we talked about our future families but then it got better. We went out to work that night. Friday we had leadership council which was wonderful and taught me so much! We had a sisters meeting after all the elders left and it was pretty much just a question and answer to President and he told us how to find the right man to marry. Haha:) Then Saturday we did our weekly planning and had powerful lessons and really applied what we learned and had such a great day! Full of miracles and the grace of God! We are teaching this guy named G and he is so solid!!!! HE came to church with us on Sunday and told us that he found the church he has been looking for. He is 19 and we are so excited. L has been really sick this week so we haven't seen her but we are going over there tonight. I have also been sick with the cold all week but luckily it is not the flu like everyone around here is getting. Also we have been really lucky with the weather. It is really cold but no snow yet. Ha I heard you got hit bad? That is my week though. I love you!

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