Cincinnati, Ohio

Cincinnati, Ohio
Cincinnati, Ohio Dec. 2013 - July 2015

Sunday, January 11, 2015


Anyway... First things first...J GOT BAPTIZED AND CONFIRMED THIS WEEKEND!!!! Second, my week was really stressful but thank goodness it is over. It was a good stress though. Last night when we got home, we were drained. Monday was a very busy but good day. Bowling was fun and the snow ball fight with the zone was even more fun! We are going bowling again today if I am up to it now.  Tuesday I hit my 11 month mark! I really cant believe it. Almost a year of being a missionary. So crazy. All my companions I have had are all almost home other that Sister Carnahan(and she wont be going for a while.) Tuesdays are usually our most busy days. We had lessons all day and then we also did service at Hannah's again. Wednesday we had District meeting and that was good. I always love learning more. We have been working a ton with former investigators and trying to find new people to teach. We haven't had the best of luck but this week we also really focused on J a ton. We had a lesson with her every night and one of the nights the whole bishopric came to her house. It was really cool. Thursday we took J to the family history center and she loved it. We are really working on getting her to go to the temple. Hopefully she will be going soon.  Friday was just a normal day, trying new people and praying really hard for help. I have learned so much to rely on Him! He really is there for all of us. Saturday was J's baptism. Her brother sang a song after,  it was awesome. J was really glad they came. That is how a baptism is supposed to be. Invite all their non member family so we can talk to them and they can feel the spirit:) Saturday was just kinda crazy getting everything together but the ward helped out so much! Sunday was scary because J was about to not come to church but we pretty much made her ha. She didn't want to come without her son but he ended up going to the church. Very stressful but now she is a member of the most amazing gospel in the world! During sacrament meeting M gave a talk and that was cool to see my Recent Convert do that. Other than that things are great! Missionary work is so not easy but I love it. I am excited and nervous for the holiday season but I know I have to be strong! God really does have a plan and he loves all of us so much!

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